Ventilated facades
Feasibility Study

Ventilated facades

Ventilated facades

Pietre Santafiora stands out in the market not only its high quality natural stone products, but also for its extensive experience gained in the field of building claddings, as well as ventilated and glued facades with single-point fixing and with substructures.

Thanks to its anti-frost properties (in compliance with standard EN 1926) and resistance to fixing points (pursuant to standard EN 13364)  Santafiora® is the ideal product for making ventilated and glued facades.

Pietre Santafiora also offers its customers a complete service in the field of ventilated and glued facades thanks to:

  • Collaborations with leading companies of the sector (Italian and foreign) for the supply of technically advanced substructures;
  • Support during the planning phase to seek best possible solutions and produce ventilated or glued facade claddings;
  • Walkthrough technical consultancy in all phases of the production until the project is completed, including installation to guarantee better quality, technical and aesthetic outcome.

Support during the feasibility study phase

Upon reasonable request, Pietra Santafiora is at the customer's disposal to study solutions in order to achieve an intelligent alliance between the project and the materials used.

For ventilated facades, Pietre Santafiora seeks the best possible solutions to resolve planning issues by recommending customers in the use of best materials for the realisation of single-point fixing systems or systems with substructure for ventilated facades.

Many well-known contemporary planners have chosen and decided to rely on Santafiora® stones for facade and floor claddings, taking advantage of their technical and chromatic properties.

Consultancy for ventilated and glued facades

The main characteristics of modern construction are based on energy savings, aesthetics and quality.

This is why Pietre Santafiora is at the customer's disposal relying on its expertise on the field and technical knowledge to help the customer in the realisation of ventilated and glued facades, as well as in other projects until the project is brought to completion.

Pietre Santafiora is very proud of its mission day after day, consisting of the trust, cooperation and long-term relationships with architects, surveyors and technicians.

Production phases


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